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Friday, August 2, 2013

SaLuSa 02.08.2013

SaLuSa 02.08.2013

We begin a new phase of relationship with you and some already feel it. We are preparing you for our coming and we want to be sure you understand what that means to you personally and to all of you together as a society. We are doing it step by step with no intention of overwhelming you or scare you. It depends upon your life plan when and how it will happen. Those of you who are ready to move on and reached certain level of consciousness might be surprised how quickly things will change towards their beautiful experiences they have been dreaming of for very long time. We ask you again to focus on your clearing, as it is most important for your ability to rise even higher. Do not hesitate to ask for help, because you are surrounded with so many Light Beings that are eager to help you like you have never been before. Feel this love that is pouring into you and allow it to go into every single cell of your body and do not let worries or doubts to stop you in doing so. Light and Love are the most powerful tools for your inner transformation and you will begin to see it also on the outside. Trust yourself because the only thing that is slowing your own process of change is the worry that you might not be able to do it. 

We assure you that also transformation of your financial and governmental systems are nearing the finish line and with your growing consciousness, you are more able to accept all the changes that are necessary to successfully complete this “long run”. It is not the point and never was to be the first, but to bring to the finish as many as we can with us. Live in the Now and you will see it all happening so wonderfully and peacefully from your calm and centered inner self. Send the Love and Light to all the places around your beloved Mother Earth, that you feel they need it and see how powerful you are because just with your loving thoughts you can help to ease the suffering of so many. We are working closely with our allies on solving those issues, yet we cannot force anything as there is also free will involved. That does not mean that the situation of poor Ones will not be changed or no one will help them, it is the other way around, as your Governments are already implementing new changes into the previous programs of helping the poor people in your world, that showed themselves to be in many cases useless and not sufficient. You can already find information about these changes in your internet and also in the other media. 

Keep yourselves in a calm state of mind because as many of you found out, it is the best way to solve all the issues  that are arising in your daily life, without the need of an angry or accusing reaction towards self or others. Do not blame yourself if that happens, you are not perfect and no one is expecting of you to be such, just think of it and we and many of you already know that next time that you will face the similar situation, you will react more calmly and with the knowing that you are speaking to another loving soul who might see things differently than you, yet there is no need for argue or hurting each other. See all others as yourselves, as you also had your “dark days” and share your love with them.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius and as always we are sending to all of you our love. Let it inside of your beings and feel how wonderfully it “speaks” to your Soul. Remember you are loved beyond your imagination and with this knowing put all the old behind and welcome us as your true Family.
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Full government disclosure of ET presence on Earth

Full government disclosure of ET presence on Earth

Why this is important

The presence of Extra-terrestrial civilizations on and around Earth has been publicly attested by hundreds of credible first-hand witnesses, including military personnel, astronauts and civil aviation pilots.

It has also been the subject of a global cover-up for more than 60 years, according to testimony from such witnesses, made public through Dr Steven Greer's Disclosure Project and recent documentary, Sirius, as well as through the Citizens' Hearing on Disclosure that took place at the National Press Club in Washington DC in April-May of 2013.

This cover-up, using media disinformation and hoaxes, has kept humanity from open contact with highly-advanced benevolent galactic citizens, capable of interstellar travel faster than the speed of light. In doing so, world leaders have deprived this planet of advanced propulsion and energy technologies that could have completely transformed human civilization by now, to a level of global well-being, connectedness, and environmental health few have yet even dreamed of.

Our planet can only head into deeper crisis under the control of a military-industrial complex and fossil fuel corporations that pull the strings of government to delay alternatives that would see their power crumble, along with a cabal of vested interests.

The open acknowledgement of advanced extra-terrestrial peoples by Earth's governments is the step needed to begin the next chapter for humanity and our planet. Clarity is vital if humanity is to successfully connect with ETs approaching with goodwill, currently not differentiated in media representation from negative entities or possible human agencies using reverse-engineered craft for unknown purposes. Lack of transparency creates confusion and the potential for destructive actions.

Let's take a stand for compassion and freedom NOW, and call on the United Nations and all world governments to step up, acknowledge the truth of benevolent ET contact with Earth, and start engaging openly with our galactic neighbors to heal our world.




please sing this petition

Richard Dolan


Ch + Sirius

At the National Press Club in Washington DC from April 29 till May 3, 2013